My new single is a one-act song, sort of a play with dialogue, a one-man-with-multitudes allegory.
I sang a version of this song at an antiwar rally in the early 1990s. That incarnation was released
on The City Limits compilation As Far As You Can Go Without Leaving (1995). It's changed a bit
over the years, morphing and growing into this. It's still somewhat of a protest song,
and what it protests is a common human foible, fault, or fallacy. Click, enjoy, share!

Five Cent Piece Loquat Rooftop The Kids Are All Id Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie Jam on Rye Trippin' Round the Mitten Shake It and Break It RKLOGOCopy NAPPAgold Choice

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Randy's most recent full-length release is Shake It and Break It Jam on Rye
The critics have spoken:

"No, this is not a kids record. [It's] aimed at kids but can really be appreciated by adults. This is like a modern version of Rocky & Bullwinkle. Sure, that was a cartoon, and five year olds couldn't really understand stories about the Cold War. Same vibe here. Adults will be ROFL throughout. ... This is a classic."
Midwest Record

"This outstanding album not only will have children laughing but also introduce them to blues music."
Book Worm

"Have you ever had one of those amazing experiences that you're pretty sure will play a part in how your kid chooses to live the rest of his/her life? Today was one of those days for me. The best analogy I can come up is that Randy Kaplan is the Arrested Development of children's music--brilliant, laugh-out-loud funny, and way ahead of his time."
—Melissa Skabich / FITS N GIGGLES

"Randy Kaplan is the current king of the storysong, and his magic is best witnessed live. Great example of grownup music for kids, kids' music for grownups."

"Randy Kaplan is one of those happy-they-exist people you can't quite tell is playing kids' music. And yet he is."

"He doesn’t dumb it down for the kids....He just expects them to come along for the ride. And they do."

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